Previous Exhbitions:

Christmas Show 2017 at The Gallery, 340 Kings Road, London.

We were hugely excited to introduce the new collection of unique pieces by acclaimed Italian sculptor Carlo Pecorelli, alongside the new body of work by established artists Louise McNaught and Violet Astor.


Ian Edwards' "Sculptures of Meaning"

Ian's work expresses creativity, insights and truth. The series highlights his life's beckoning through reflecting the need of each individual to find their life's calling, using " inspirational sculptures which resonate with that which is at the human core"


Michelle McCullagh's Exhibition 2016 in association with TAAF

Michelle McCullagh, 29, the rapidly rising star in equestrian art circles, held an exhibition, “BEYOND RACING” from 17th – 28th November at Gallery 8, Duke Street, London SW1.



Bruce Little's Exhibition 2015 in association with TAAF

We were delighted to showcase the wonderful talents of South African sculptor Bruce Little. The show, held at The Mall Galleries in October  introduced his new collection of bronzes to the UK.



We are delighted to have exhibited the following artists in our Spring Exhibition 2015

Guy Allen

Guy Allen discovered his passion for print making during his time in Paris studying at the Ecole Nationale Superiore des Beaux arts, when he became particularly fascinated with the traditional etching process. Guy has had his etchings selected to be exhibited in the prestigious Royal Acadmy Summer Exhibition in London in 2013 and 2014.

Ashley Boon

Ashley is an award-winning African and sporting artist specialising in mixed media and graphite. He has also pursued his interest in birds and wildlife further afield, from the Arctic Circle, through the Iberian peninsula to Southern Africa and especially his beloved Botswana where he now leads annual safaris.

Lucy Boydell

Lucy Boydell specialises in life size or larger works using charcoal, chalk and pastels. With just a stretched piece of pristine Fabriano paper, a stick of burnt compressed wood, sharpened chalk and a finely cut rubber, Lucy creates pieces that encompass texture, soul, memory and majesty.

Kate Denton

Kate went to Goldsmiths College and studied under Sir Ivor Robert Jones. After qualifying became one of the first women to work in a commercial foundry. Kate has worked for 30 years as a sculptor, both on her own creative pieces and on private and public commissions. She has exhibited broadly throughout the UK and South Africa and was elected to the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1993.

Ian Edwards

Creation for Ian is a continuous journey. His signature style is the flow and movement as his captures life within the sculpture. The vivid patinations that Ian has developed is as art form in it self. After leaving school at 16 Ian began his apprenticeship in ornamental wood carving of early 16th to late 18th century. This provided the platform for Ian to express his love of form and movement, whilst developing the skills of his trade.


Matt Falle

Coming from the island of Jersey, Matt's work is infused with colour experienced by the long hot summers of his childhood and living by the coast. The subject matter and style of Matt's paintings can vary but share a common thread, based along the themes of Pop, primary and primitive elements. All are related in the sense of simplicity, and the fundamental aspects of a subject.

Tom Hiscocks

Tom graduated from the Cambridge Art School with a first class honours degree. He won the Dr Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize 2013. Tom is interested in the role of verbal and non verbal languages and in art as an expression of how it is to be. His ‘Queens Beasts’ series raised questions about representation and identity; his award winning ‘My Space’ sculpture series suggested the layers that make up the individual, and ‘Being Me’ examined how we reflect the environment around us.

Michelle McCullagh

Michelle McCullagh's work focuses on the fastest, most dramatic use of horses - Racing. her work is inspired by her life drawings with their expressive use of minimal lines. Her oil paintings are an attempt to describe speed using contrasting colours where the light catches anatomical flashes of detail. This unique and ground breaking technique is described as ghosting. 

Bella Prideaux

Bella Prideaux combines her love of the natural world and animals with art. She brings dramatic wildlife scenes inspired by her many visits to Africa and India. Bella was trained at The Sunningwell School of Art. For 9 years she also, while living in Oxfordshire, set up a local Art school. She recently moved to her home county of Norfolk where she hopes to start teaching again.


Jamie Wild

Jamie combines mild steel and scrap metal to create completely unique and beautiful pieces of art. Inspired by nature and wildlife, he captures the life-size poportion and mivement of his subjects as well as harnessing their power and graceful beauty. Each of his sculptures exudes a life and energy that belies the cold steel it is made out of.

 Chris Wright

Chris is renowned for his detailed and precise graphite works. He spent many years working for the Born Free Foundation specializing in the conservation of endangered species. His extensive travels provided him with the first hand encounters with many of the animals that now inspire his work.