Anniversary Gifts

Every year of a marriage is something to celebrate however with that can come the stress of not knowing what gift to buy your loved one. The Medieval German monarchy began the tradition with their king crowning their queen with a silver or gold wreath depending on the length of their marriage – 25 or 50 years. Since then the tradition has evolved with almost every year being marked by a different gift or material.

We at the Animal Art Fair are here to help! We are soon to launch our online animal art marketplace where you will be able to look through our collection of artists and their works that are available to buy. This got us thinking, the artists whose works we exhibit range massively in subject, style and most importantly – medium. This opened the doors to the idea of seeing which artists create suitable works to mark something as important as a wedding anniversary. Many of our artists work on commission and welcome visitors to their studios to see their working process. Commissioning a more personal work would make the perfect gift for any anniversary or wedding gift too.

Edward Waites, Leaping Hare, Silver.For the 25th and 50th anniversaries unfortunately we do not have any artists who make wreaths but Edward Waites does make small sculptures of animals in silver and gold for example Leaping Hare. The way the light catches on the surface detail of his works is as beautiful as any wreath!

Annabel Pope’s watercolours of burst out of the surface of the paper engulfing you into their playful scenes and would be a perfect way to mark the excitement of a first year anniversary. Friendly Sniffs is a great example of this.

James Gillick has used the traditional technique of oil painting on linen as can be seen in Tureen, Garlic, Apples, Melon and Bowl of Mackerel. He paints still life scenes of game and table arangements making his paintings perfect to mark either the 12th anniversary due to material or 4th for subject as he often paints flowers and fruit.

For the 5th anniversary James Doran Webb’s driftwood sculptures stand out. Dornan Webb uses small pieces of wood to build the forms of animals such as monkeys and horses. The sense of movement that comes from the rough texture of these sculptures is extraordinary and particularly prevalent in Reckless, the two stags fighting.

Bronze marks the 8th year anniversary, sculptor Bruce Little has mastered the through his use of form and patina of his sculptures, bringing them to life. Chomp is a fantastic example of the levels of detail and accuracy that can be achieved through the medium of bronze.

Finally, I was astounded to see that there had been a material chosen to celebrate a 90th anniversary. Granite was probably chosen as it is a strong and a pretty permanent material as Jennifer Tetlow would know. Tetlow carves sculptures of animals and people alike. The smoothness she is able to achieve from the surface of her sculptures is incredible and makes their weight and hardness almost surprising as they seem to be moulded from a cloud, Winter Hare is a fantastic example of her skills. If you had managed to be married for 90 years I am sure you would say that the time was either hard as granite or as beautiful as one of Tetlow’s sculptures. Either way her work is extremely fitting! 


1) Paper.                     8) Bronze, Pottery.      15) Crystal.     50) Gold.           

2) Cotton.                   9) Willow, Pottery.      20) China.       55) Emerald.      

3) Leather.                  10) Tin.                         25) Silver.        60) Diamond.    

4) Flowers, Fruit.       11) Steel.                       30) Pearl.       70) Platinum.      

5) Wood.                    12) Lace.                       35) Coral.        80) Oak.             

6) Sugar.                    13) Chrystal.                 40) Ruby.        85) Wine.           

7) Wool, Copper.       14) Ivory.                        45) Sapphire.   90) Granite.