Exhibiting Artists- "AUTUMN EXHIBITION"

Louise McNaught: 

Louise's work is motivated by emotive and spiritual experiences which has manifested in a mixed-media approach. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man's destruction


Violet Astor :

In February of this year Violet spent a few weeks in Ranthambore National Park, India, with the view of producing a second series on endangered animals. In her own words, "I spent most of my days in the jungle tracking and studying tigers in the wild; watching how they moved and behaved and even, at times, how they interacted with me. Being in the presence of a wild tiger is a completely visceral experience and seems to stay preserved in one's body memory. So the process of drawing provoked all those feelings of awe, fear, exhilaration and humility to resurface in me. In each piece I have tried to convey certain expressions and moods to capture a moment in time”.



 Carlo Pecorelli

Carlo Pecorelli was born in 1967 in Gorizia in Italy, currently lives and works between Jesolo, Venice and New York. Venice is the place where periodically he can regenerate himself, where he can draw, look for, choose and take subjects matter from the sea and transform them into art.



Ian Edwards:

 Ian is an award-winning sculptor at the top of his profession. His focus on British wildlife and his distinctive tactile style has created a strong following. 



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Other Artists 


Adam Binder

One of Britain’s leading wildlife sculptors Adam has a signature fluid style of simple lines and flowing forms depicting both movement and emotion that beautifully captures the essence of his subjects. Working primarily in Bronze with earthy rich patinas, Adam’s work is recognised and collected all over the world. Adam won the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2010, and was elected a Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in 2011.

Annabel Pope

Annabel’s passion for her subject matter is captured in her unique style and variety of mediums. Her need to explore the close chemistry and behavioural characteristics of each species, results in her forming a style which relates best to the living soul of the individual animals. Annabel’s skill is her consistent ability to deliver works which on the one hand show remarkable technical quality and visual integrity to the subject; whilst at the same time transferring great character, spirit and energy to the observer?


Bruce Little

Born in South Africa, Bruce developed an early passion for the African wilderness through his childhood spent in the bushveld. He became a conservationist and professional game ranger, working at the famous private game reserves of Londolozi and Singita in the South African bushveld. Self-taught, instinctual, Bruce sculpts to capture the spirit of the wild African creatures he has observed and guarded for most of his life. His technique captures the essential movement and attitudes of his subjects.


Catherine Ingleby

Catherine trained as an artist in both Paris and Florence accumulating a solid basis of draughtsmanship on which to base her now instantly recognisable style of dramatic light and movement. She is one of the foremost sporting artists in the UK, with works in many notable collection


Celia Lewis

Celia studied life and portrait charcoal drawing with Signorina Simi in Florence and latterly has been a regular member of an art group near her home in the depths of Surrey. Although she also paints in acrylics, watercolours are her first love and she finds her subject matter in her own garden where she keeps chickens, turkeys and occasional Gloucester Old Spot pigs.


Dido Crosby

After a zoology degree from Oxford University, a welding diploma from Poplar and a second BA in Sculpture from Central St Martin’s, Dido had pursued a lifelong interest in animals with a fascination for form and function. Her work is about the transformation from a drawn line, or from an inert bag of plaster, and then again from plaster or wax into metal and at the same time, into a whole believable being, with the tantalizing prospect of making something beautiful.


Dominique Salm

Award winning artist Dominique Salm is an internationally acclaimed artist who, having exhibited regularly in London and New York, is quickly becoming sought after with requests to show her work in both private and public collections worldwide including Paris and California. Her remarkably naturalistic portraits have an almost snap-shot quality, showing her unique ability to capture the personality, charm and grace of each animal whilst imparting humour and character to many of her pieces. "I have always seen the human side in animals - the way they make you laugh or sympathise with them with an action or expression. I'm often on location, most frequently in Africa, and will spend hours studying each subject. For me, it's all about capturing a single moment."


Edward Waites

Completely self-taught, Edward Waites has dedicated himself to his craft since leaving school and his distinctive sculpture has already earned him international recognition and acclaim.
Edward’s collection is shaped by his passion for the vitality, energy and grace of his subjects. His approach is very immediate and hands-on. Edward’s sculptures feature in distinguished public, corporate and private collections around the world, including several royal collections.


Freddy Paske

Freddy Paske is a professional artist working between London and Hampshire. Having started painting from an early age, he has developed his talent throughout his previous career with the British Army. In 2014 he exhibited and sold all his sketches from his operational tour in Afghanistan and has since never looked back. Freddy is now predominantly know for his wildlife and sporting subjects. 


Imogen Man

After obtaining a diploma in Fine Art at Wimbledon Art School, Imogen studied under Rosie Sanders and at RHS Wisley focusing on botanical drawings. In 2003 Imogen enrolled at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy, learning the importance of drawing and painting from life. After three years intensive training Imogen moved back to the UK where she applied her artistic skills to the world of animals. Imogen has now developed into one of the UK's leading animal artists focusing on quintessential British farm life and country scenes.


Lara Roberts

Working in oils and predominately on canvas Lara produces exquisite, detailed and charming equine and canine portraits.
Born in the New Forest in 1984 Lara spent her early years on long walks in all weathers with her beloved dog Murphy or hacking across the countryside on her pony Bluey. It is these experiences that have led to her to a life long passion for all wildlife, but specifically horses and dogs. Lara was known as the ‘arty one’ of the family and completed a BA Hons in fine art where she combined her two passions. 

Louise McNaught

Louise‘s creations feature nature, animals, and the celestial realm in glorious, blazing neon hues, where the animals are God-like, Sublime and ethereal in their luminescence. McNaught's work is motivated by emotive and spiritual experiences which has manifested in a mixed-media approach. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man's destruction of nature.


Lucinda Coldrey

Lulu Coldrey is a British artist specialising in wildlife art, portraiture and landscape art. Extensive study of the fine arts in Florence and in London has helped her develop her own style in a variety of mediums, from oil paints and charcoal, to watercolour and pastels. Lulu's work has taken her all over the world, whether for portrait commissions, landscapes or wildlife pieces. Her ability to capture the complex mixture of character, emotion, form and textures whilst connecting with the personal nature of her subject, gives Lulu's work a unique and special quality. Her latest pieces combine the abstract shapes of nature with the grace and beauty of the animal world.


Lucy Boydell

A graduate of Central St Martin’s School of Art, Lucy studied under the instruction of renowned foundry man David Reid who, in his inimitable way, taught her skills in all areas of the foundry. Lucy is an internationally recognised artist, not only for her outstanding and immediately recognisable animal bronzes, but also for her large scale charcoal drawings. Her work is in several private collections in Britain and abroad. She lives and works on the North Norfolk coast in the UK.


Martin Thompson

Coming Soon.


Miranda Pothecary

Coming soon.


Sarah Elder

Born in Cyprus and brought up in Fiji and then the English countryside Sarah has always drawn inspiration from the animals, landscapes, people and everyday life she has encountered, both in her extensive travels abroad and in the UK. Her career as a professional artist began in 1995 when she swapped the global stock markets of the City’s virtual world for the primitive heat and dust of Africa and Asia. She has a remarkable talent for observation and a singular ability to render the colour, movement and atmosphere of the scene before her.


Trudy Redfern

Trudy has forged a successful career as an award winning equine artist. In her own words, "My great passion in life is animals, especially horses. I have always needed to be close to them and have ridden them all my life. As an artist it was natural that I should endeavour to capture their spirit through painting. I work mainly from a combination of life studies and my own photography.


Violet Astor

Violet is a self-taught artist who has always loved nature and became especially inspired by wild animals while working in a nature reserve in the Indian jungle. She discovered drawing during the three years she was chronically ill with Lymes disease, when it became a therapeutic medium for healing.
Her raw and honest artistic expression allows the animals to speak for themselves, drawing attention to their inherent majesty as well as the importance of ensuring their survival within increasingly challenging environments.