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The Animal Art Fair hosts a Private View of "Beyond Racing", the new collection of oil paintings by Michelle McCullagh at Gallery 8, Duke Street, St James's, 19th November.

The Animal Art Fair is delighted to be showcasing the first solo exhibition of the rapidly rising star in equestrian art circles Michelle McCullagh. Her new collection uniquely captures the grace, power and movement of the horse both in her dramatic oils and the immediacy of the initial sketches she uses as her starting point. 

To be put on the guest list or to receive a catalogue email jamie@animalartfair.com


Her utterly unique style has been described as Ghosting, painting only the light to capture movement. “I started with studies of anatomy. I amalgamated these studies with those of movement onto canvas and then added colour, which is always so exciting – I love it. Layers of thinly applied oil paint construct different moods and emotions … excitement out of reach… lost in mist... just a fleeting glimpse... passed in a flash then gone. It is a thrilling process as the paintings literally come alive in my hand.”


“BEYOND RACING” will feature 40 oil paintings and fifty drawings of horses, animals and scenes from country life. Prices range from £180, sketches, to £8,000.00, paintings.


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