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The Animal Art Fair presents " Horses in Motion", the new collection of oils by Michelle McCullagh.  

 The Chart Gallery, 62 Old Church Street, London SW3 6DP

18th - 23rd November, 10 am - 7 pm




 Riding and drawing horses came hand in hand for Michelle from an early age and are now a living obsession in her daily life. She works from her studio in Dorset where her fascination with the movement of animals is explored in her paintings of light. Michelle’s work is inspired by her life drawings: “ You cannot ask an animal to stand still like you can a human being. They are continually moving, swishing a tail, twitching an ear or scratching a leg. Drawings have to be quick, spontaneous and confident. The energy produced in a quick life study can be very exciting. I strive to repeat this energy and movement in my oil paintings by using dramatic, contrasting colours and very few lines." 

The racehorse and gallops provide Michelle with the majority of her material for this compelling new body of work. 



The exhibition opens on the 18th of November and runs until the 23rd of November at Chart Gallery, 62 Old Church Street, London SW3 6DP.Opening Hours: 10 am - 7.pm.

For tickets for the private view on 18th of November, 7 pm - 9.30 pm, please email jamie@animalartfair.com


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